The Air Force and Space Force have a wide variety of rewarding career fields from which to choose. If you are unsure of which career field is right for you, the AFROTC Career Page can help you decide. When looking for careers, it is important to note whether the career is for enlisted personnel or officers. Upon completion of the AFROTC program you will commission as an officer, so make sure you are only considering officer career fields. It is also possible to continue your education after ROTC with fully funded graduate and medical school programs. Contact the cadre if you are interested in pursuing graduate or medical school through the military. 

When you commission through the ROTC program, you are guaranteed a job as an officer along with all of the benefits that come with being an officer in the Department of the Air Force. Careers fields are known as Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) and you will apply for and receive an AFSC during your junior year. AFSCs are divided into two broad categories, Rated and Non-Rated. 

Rated vs. Non-Rated

Rated is a term for officers whose primary job involves flying. It includes four career fields:

  • Pilots
  • Combat Systems Officers (CSO)
  • Air Battle Managers (ABM)
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) pilots.

All other careers are considered Non-Rated.  If you are interested in a Rated AFSC, you will go through a different selection process than you would for a Non-Rated AFSC.  In addition, due to the cost of training required to enter a Rated career field, your service commitment will be longer than the typical four years active duty commitment for a Non-Rated career field. You can read more about the selection and training processes by clicking on the tabs in the sidebar.

Some common career fields that Det 009 cadets have been selected for include:

  • Combat Systems Officer 
  • Pilot
  • Aquisitions
  • Cyber Operations
  • Intelligence

While you are not guaranteed to receive your desired AFSC, you are guaranteed to be selected for an AFSC if you remain in the program. However, if you work hard and are competitive among cadets of your class year, there is a good chance you will receive your preferred AFSC. Det 009 cadets have commissioned into numerous AFSCs, both rated and non-rated. See below for a breakdown which AFSCs have been most popular at Det 009 over the past two years.