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You have taken the first step on an exciting path towards an outstanding academic and leadership education, with the potential to commission as a lieutenant in the world’s most respected Air and Space Forces. Joining AFROTC will open up a world of opportunities both in college and throughout your career. 


Once you commission, you will experience all of the benefits that a career in the Air Force or Space Force has to offer. To learn more about the military lifestyle, click here


While a career in the military may seem a long way off, ROTC will help you get there. However, you will need to be motivated and willing to work hard throughout your time in the program. To succeed in the ROTC program, a cadet must

  •  Have a positive attitude toward service and the military
  • Commit time, energy, and effort to being the best they can be physically and mentally

  • Be willing to be a part of a dynamic team that respects each other and works together to achieve its goals

If you think ROTC is right for you then contact our staff.