Initial Applicant Screening

Each year, Air Force ROTC receives applications from hundreds of highly qualified college students. While a student’s academic record - e.g., GPA, SAT/ACT Score - is an important factor in our evaluation of these applications, we realize that students demonstrate ability and potential in many different ways. However, students who gain admission to our program typically exceed the following scores:

- Cumulative GPA = 3.0/4.0

-  SAT = 1100/1600 (Math and Verbal only)/ACT = 25

- Physical Fitness Assessment Score = 90/100

For additional information on the Air Force ROTC program, academics, and time commitment, please review: and

Applications will be reviewed mid-July 2021 and students will be contacted regarding enrollment.

You must provide an original birth certificate or passport during enrollment.

Applicants who wish to apply for the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) should visit

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