Air Force ROTC scholarships are awarded annually to both high school seniors and current cadets. Each scholarship is individually awarded based upon a competitive, merit based selection process. This allows us to evaluate character, academia, leadership, fitness, and officer potential, while recognizing individual achievement and aligning our cadet’s qualifications to meet the needs of the Air and Space Forces. You can prepare yourself for this by doing your best in all aspects of your personal and academic pursuits. 

For information on Air Force ROTC scholarships, click here.

In-College Scholarships

Competitive scholarships are awarded several times throughout the year and are given to freshmen and sophomores. The qualifying factors used for selection include GPA, Fitness, AFOQT or SAT scores, as well as a commander ranking for non-quantifiable items such as leadership attributes, teamwork, and your performance within your year group during Leadership Lab and other ROTC events.

High School Scholarships

This process is centrally managed through; the application deadline is in January of each year. There, you will find information on application eligibility and a description for each phase of the process. We would also be happy to assist you if you have any questions.