Cadet Life

As an ROTC cadet, you will participate in the three major components of ROTC each week. These components are Leadership Lab (LLAB), Aerospace Studies (AS) class, and Physical Training (PT).  LLAB is where upperclassmen teach freshmen and sophomores about a variety of concepts relating to ROTC. LLAB may consist of drill evaluations, warrior knowledge tests, marching instruction, and inspections. Your AS classes are academic courses and will depend on your academic year with corresponding instruction. Lastly, PT is where our whole detachment will train for the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). 


In addition to the major components of ROTC, you will also have the chance to participate in a number of other activities. ROTC offers a myriad of exciting opportunities to learn more about the Air Force, grow as a leader and a follower, and ultimately form stronger relationships with your fellow cadets. These opportunities include casual bowling nights on a Friday after class, visits to local Air Force bases during the week, and week long summer programs where you can learn a new language or even jump out of a plane. These extended programs also provide you the opportunity to meet cadets from across the country. By talking to them, you can learn how other detachments manage their ROTC programs and possibly bring back some ideas to improve Det 009.


Throughout ROTC, you will form lasting friendships with your fellow cadets while growing as a leader. By the time you commission as a Second Lieutenant, you will be able to look back on many amazing experiences that you will remember for years to come.