Leadership Lab (LLAB)

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LLAB is where most of your military training will occur. It can be an intense environment as you are always being evaluated. Throughout your time in LLAB, you will be challenged to overcome your fears, think on your feet, and ultimately grow as both a leader and a follower. To learn more about LLAB visit the Program tab.

GMC Experience

As a GMC cadet, you will be part of a training flight along with about 10 to 15 other cadets in your class year. Your flight commander will be a POC cadet who will guide your flight through most of the training during LLAB.  During your IMT year, you will spend much of your time in LLAB learning to perform basic drill and marching movements. The POC are very forgiving when you make mistakes as a new cadet, since their goal is to teach you the drill concepts. However, as you begin to learn the material, the POC will expect more of you and not tolerate as many mistakes in training. As you progress through LLAB, you will routinely be given the chance to lead your flight in drill. Leading other cadets can be a nerve wracking experience, but the more you practice, the more comfortable you will become doing so. 

Another aspect of training during LLAB is reciting Warrior Knowledge. Each week, you will be required to memorize certain quotes and facts from the Field Training Manual, known as Warrior Knowledge. POC will regularly quiz you on Warrior Knowledge by asking you to recite the material from memory.

As an FTP cadet, your training will be geared towards preparing you for Field Training. You will explore more advanced drill concepts and learn more about customs and courtesies that are used at Field Training. The training environment during your FTP year will be noticeably more intense in order to prepare you for the high stress environment of Field Training. Standards during LLAB are also much higher during the FTP year, as you will be more experienced as a cadet and with LLAB in general.

POC Experience

As a POC cadet, you will draw on your experience from your GMC years to design and implement the LLAB curriculum. You will be responsible for teaching the material to the GMC cadets and ensuring that the GMC are prepared for Field Training after sophomore year. As the instructors during LLAB, you will develop your leadership skills in order to prepare for commissioning as a Second Lieutenant


All cadets are required to wear uniforms during LLAB. During most of your IMT year, you will wear the Det Polo uniform and will regularly be inspected to ensure that you are wearing it properly. Later in the year, you will be issued Blues and no longer wear the Det Polo. Towards the end of your IMT year and the beginning of your FTP year, you will be issued the Air Force’s utility uniform (camouflage pattern) which you will also be allowed to wear during LLAB. Regardless of the uniform, proper dress and appearance standards must be maintained at all times when in uniform.