Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR)

Paintball Groupshot

Throughout the year, Det 009 holds a variety of MWR events. Events are often partially or completely funded by Det 009, so there is little to no cost for cadets to participate. With the modern facilities at Yale and surrounding universities, there are always new opportunities for creative MWR events. Transportation to and from MWR events is done through carpooling, as cadets with cars on campus generously provide a ride to cadets who do not have cars. POC cadets typically plan MWR events for the entire cadet wing once a month, and GMC cadets are often involved with the planning in a support role.  Recent events have included:

  • A rock climbing and bowling night at Sacred Heart University
  • A day hike at Sleeping Giant
  • A paintball competition

Cadet Experience

MWR events are a fantastic way for cadets to spend time with each other out of uniform and away from the ROTC training environment. Since Yale and crosstown cadets typically only interact a few hours a week during training, MWR events allow cadets from all universities to get to know each other better. They are also a great opportunity for GMC cadets to interact with the POC cadets in an informal setting. Yale and crosstown cadets also have the chance to see the campuses of Det 009’s affiliated universities and utilize the facilities they have to offer.

Location and Transportation

Events are held at a variety of locations across Southern Connecticut. While not every cadet owns a car, carpooling and Zipcar ensure that every cadet is able to attend MWR events.