Special Programs

Cadets after flying in a C-17 during Ops Air Force

Det 009 offers a variety of special programs for cadets of all class years. Throughout the year, the cadre will send out emails to provide information about programs that are available in the given fiscal year. Det 009 cadets can participate in programs both during the year and over the summer. Some programs are competitive and require cadets to submit an application package, while others are available to all cadets who are interested. There are many programs from which to choose, so you should be able to find one that suits your interests and schedule. In addition, there are always new opportunities arising which could be of interest to you. Make sure to contact the cadre as they will help you find a program that will fit your needs.

Refer to the tabs in the sidebar for specific information about programs that Det 009 cadets have attended and the AFROTC Professional Development page for a list and brief description of all available programs.