Honor Guard

Cadets during an Honor Guard practice

Honor Guard is a high caliber drill team that represents Det 009, the Air Force, and America to the local community. Honor Guard typically performs at both Yale and crosstown university sporting events, most notably the annual Harvard vs Yale game, which is televised and typically draws a crowd of about 20,000 people. Honor Guard also performs at military ceremonies that are held throughout the year by the detachment. 


At Det 009, any cadet can join Honor Guard without any prior knowledge or experience. We often combine our Honor Guard with the neighboring Naval Detachment into a joint team for major Yale events. Honor Guard is a great opportunity to practice marching and commanding a drill team while building relationships with your fellow cadets of various class years. Practices in the past have usually been held twice a week for about an hour each, but this can change depending on the needs of the team members and the Honor Guard commander. Before each event, the Honor Guard usually practices for about 30 min to make sure we are as pristine, sharp, and synchronized as possible. The goal of Det 009’s Honor Guard is to have a steady, experienced team that regularly performs at events across Connecticut. As a member of the Honor Guard you will take on the responsibility of representing our detachment to the community while working closely with officials, coordinators, and coaches to plan Honor Guard events.