Arnold Air Society

Detachment 009 Patrick Tillman Squadron 

Arnold Air Society (AAS) is a professional, honorary, service organization dedicated to developing future Air Force officers. The primary objectives of AAS are to improve relations among officer candidates, to exercise leadership, and to provide opportunities to participate in activities that increase communication between military and civilian institutions. 


In order to become a member of the Patrick Tillman Squadron, each ROTC cadet must complete the candidacy program. The program consists of 20 hours of in-class lessons, PT, and drill training, which are spread over ten weeks. In addition, the candidate class will organize and complete a service project that benefits the detachment, university, or local community. Finally, all candidates will take the National Test, and must score at least an 80% to pass. The goal of the candidate training program is to develop the candidates’ leadership skills so that they may better lead their classmates in AAS and in regular ROTC training. 


Once cadets complete the candidacy program and pay national dues, they will become active members of AAS. Active members of AAS are also members of the Air Force Association (AFA), an associate organization of AAS. Members of AAS are also eligible for scholarships, grants, and other opportunities offered by both the AFA and AAS.


Active members of AAS must attend one service project per month. These monthly service projects are fantastic ways to assist the local community while building strong relationships with your fellow squadron members. Past service events have included an apple picking trip for charity, and a visit to a local organization that supports blind veterans.


In addition to weekly service projects, AAS hosts annual conventions at both the regional and national levels. National Conclave (NATCON) and Regional Conclave (RCON) are conventions where cadets meet to discuss AAS legislation and the Joint National Project, the year long service project performed by AAS and Silver Wings (SW), its sister organization. These conferences typically occur over a weekend in the fall and are excellent ways to meet cadets from other AAS squadrons. Due to Privacy Act considerations, AFROTC Det 009 may not link to the AAS National Website. The organization web page may be successfully searched on your internet search engines.