Remotley Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot

The total training time to become an operational RPA pilot is approximately one year, and students will incur a six year active duty service commitment upon completion of the training.

The following video explains the RPA pilot training program very well.

Here is a summary of the training program from the video:

  • Initial Flight Training (two months)
    • Learn to solo the DA-20, along with aviation basics
  • RPA Instrument Qualification Course (ten weeks)
    • Fundamentals of Air Force Aviation

  • RPA Aircraft Fundamentals Course (five weeks)
    • Introduction to Combat Operations in the Tactical Air Force

  • Formal Training Unit
    • Training for MQ-9 or RQ-4 Systems Weapons System Employment
      • 6 months (MQ-9)

      • 4 months (RQ-4)

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