Cadets taking a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)

Physical Training (PT)

Det 009 meets for Physical Training twice a week from 0600 to 0700. Each session, POC cadets design and lead a workout plan that caters to the varied physical abilities of Det 009. Most exercises focus on the skills and strengths needed to excel in the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) - pushups, situps, and running. Det 009 heavily emphasises correct form in all exercises, with cadets instructing and encouraging each other throughout PT.  In addition to traditional workouts, team sports like dodgeball, basketball, and ultimate disc are played during PT. Warrior runs, ruck marches, and other special events are also held at PT. A schedule for a typical PT session is included below.

Cadets split into 2 groups, each group doing a separate workout


Group Stretch


Ladder Up/Down Sprints - 200m, 4,6,8 (Group 1)


Pushup Circuit (Group 2)


Burpee Circuit




Ab Circuit


Group Stretch

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Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) 

Det 009 meets once per week for Leadership Laboratory (LLAB). LLAB is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes long, and it is where GMC cadets are instructed by POC cadets in Air Force customs and courtesies; drill and ceremonies; and Group Leadership Projects (GLPs). All of the training during LLAB is intended to prepare the GMC for Field Training during the summer between sophomore and junior year. Cadets are required to wear their uniforms during LLAB and are often inspected for proper uniform wear. Occasionally, Det 009 invites active duty or retired Air Force officers to speak during LLAB and give insight into what life is like in the active duty Air Force.

Typical activities during LLAB include:

  • Impromptu Briefs
  • Destination Marching
  • Warrior Knowledge Quizzes
  • Drill Evaluations
  • Squadron Marching

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