Qunnipiac University Experience

What follows is the experience of an IMT (freshman) cadet from Quinnipiac University. 

On a typical ROTC night, I pack my duffle bag to prepare for PT the next morning. I aim to go to bed between 2100 and 2200 and set my alarm for 0445. For breakfast, I buy a banana, orange juice, and water the night before because dining halls on campus do not open until 0700 on weekdays. I leave my dorm at 0515 to meet at the Quinnipiac Athletic and Recreation Center to be picked up by another Quinnipiac cadet. The ride to Yale is about 15 minutes, so we leave campus at 0520 for PT. After finishing PT and changing clothes, we walk to the detachment for AS class which lasts about an hour. After class, I eat breakfast at the Dunkin Donuts across the street from the detachment as I wait for my ride to finish class. The other Quinnipiac cadets and I usually return to campus between 1000 and 1100.”

Quinnipiac University has been very accommodating with my ROTC commitments. I created a strong relationship with my advisor who was able to answer all my questions regarding my schedule. I was also able to pre-register for my major required courses and worked them around my ROTC commitments. The cadre recommend not scheduling any classes before 1200 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but you might be able to schedule classes before 1200 if you plan your schedule dilligently.” 

A path through Quinnipiac University

 Although there was only one other AFROTC freshman from Quinnipiac University, I was able to become friends with cadets from Yale and other crosstown universities. I would attend MWR events that were hosted at other colleges by carpooling with an upperclassman. Cadets organize carpools to these events, so don’t worry about a ride; if you are interested in an event, sign up! AFROTC is a big commitment, but it did not affect my involvement in campus events and activities. I was involved in a work study job, Bust Buddies, the Student Programming Board, and attended free fitness classes offered at the athletic center.”